Head of Design & Front End Developer
Legal Tech
& SaaS
2018 - 2020
Tech Stack
  • SSL
  • SPF
  • Unpkg
  • jQuery
  • CDN JS
  • Slick JS
  • Bootstrap
  • CloudFare
  • LiteSpeed
  • Fancy Box
  • Instant Page
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Font Awesome
  • Scroll Reveal JS
  • Google Font API

Easy Integration

Advofirst is a new type of live chat tool that seamlessly integrates a payment processing system and is integrated into a lawyer's personal website. The following example shows code already inserted in the file of a website. It allows the lawyer to chat at any time and to receive his micro-advice immediately with a secure payment transaction. Advofirst is easy to use, fast and provides a secure transaction for both parties.
Tech Stack
Advofirst not only significantly shortens the response process with an immediate response, but in return provides an additional source of revenue for lawyers and consultants. On average, a client receives a response within 5-10 minutes after the initial contact. The chat window displays the average processing time and thus encourages the lawyer to answer faster. The person seeking advice, visits the lawyer's website, starts the Advofirst chat with one click and initiates a contact with his request. The lawyer responds in the same window with a price offer. The customer agrees with the price and confirms this with one click. The payment process is seamlessly linked to this confirmation in the background. The lawyer starts with the micro-advice and sends the answer to the client. In this case the lawyer generates a new revenue.

Approach to Product Development

My product development approach is based on the principles of "design thinking" and "agile software development", which ensure a collaborative and iterative approach and the continuous delivery of new features to customers through close collaboration and direct feedback. The business model will continue to be tested and refined according to the principles of "design thinking" in five main phases. The two initial phases of "Empathize" and "Define" are combined and focus on understanding the customer, the defined "Personas", "Customer Journey" and the validation of hypotheses with experiments such as customer interviews. The next phase, "Ideation", focuses on the further development of the product concept and business model as well as the development of new features based on customer feedback. The last two phases, "Prototype" and "Test", focus on creating a "backlog" of future features based on customer feedback, then developing and testing new features and refining the current product. The software development is based on the principles of "agile software development", which guarantees the continuous provision of new features to solve the most important problems of customers. We apply product development cycle of "Build-Measure-Learn" to ensure a scientific and iterative approach to implementation. The development team works in "sprints" using models and methods such as "Scrum" and "Kanban" to prioritize work. A "backlog" is created for collecting requirements and according to the evolving needs. For each new function, there will be a test phase for pilot customers with subsequent recording of customer feedback.
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Billing Settings
Advofirst solves the problems of buyers and sellers with various unique selling propositions. It is the only service that provides "end-to-end" interaction, directly connecting buyers and sellers through the service. Thus, immediate and uncomplicated advice is possible. Secure payment transaction integrated into a single interface. It also increases the number of visitors to the lawyer's website and provides a new source of revenue. The client also receives an immediate answer to a short question.
Payment Icons
We have used an open source instant communication chat framework, which got extended by own software code, combined with a "payment gateway", in a single interface. Payment methods including "SEPA", "Instant" & "VISA", "MasterCard" and "Apple Pay" & "Google Pay". As the feature requests kept increasing over time, I found it useful to create an icon set to cover past and new features.
Icon Set
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